About Me

The Writing Teacher

Life coach, metaphysical teacher and story writer


Yes I am that and much more. At 67 (in 2022) I have a lot of experience and learning under my belt – electronics, computer hardware and software, programming and networks, theology and biblical studies, teaching children, bible teaching, public speaking, online marketing and of late travel expertise. The teaching and coaching training and the desire to share my knowledge has led me to take on writing stories, stories which may be invented but always showing our human potential and exploring our human nature.

Pile on top of that life experience – 42 years married to a wonderful woman and mother of our four sons, raising those four sons, being a grandfather to their children, confronting a lying, manipulating charlatan who tried to rip apart our family (see Wings of Change), waking out of the religious stupor of man-made dogma and exploring the wide world of metaphysics and human potential. So I may have a thing or two to share.

What is metaphysics you may ask. It is the knowledge which looks beyond our known physics at the quantum world of the non-physical. That includes alternative universes, dream worlds, higher self contact, the spirit world, mind over matter, time and space and past lives. Metaphysics explains all that creepy mysterious stuff which usually gets labelled the unexplainable or even the impossible.

Inspired by the book Wings of Change, written with my wife Katharina, which tells our story in two ways, as a teaching self-help book and in a fictional way using a family of geese, I starting publishing in 2013 with my first novel, Pursuit. This was followed by the sequels, Dragon Song and The Giants of Glorborin, then a stand alone Found Again exploring abuse and past lives. My latest novels were written for children, Dragon Boy and its sequel The Broken Unicorn. The next series will be centred around a boy from another planet landing here on Earth and his discovery of who he is and why he is here, fundamental questions for all of us.

As a self-publisher I will also be sharing tips about writing and publishing. Not that I claim to be an expert but using my experience I wish to encourage you to put your thoughts and stories into writing and share them with the world.  And of course I bake from time to time cakes and bread. So I may even write about that.

I would also like to hear from you. So please engage in conversation and let’s explore the quantum world and the physical world together.

Jim Murdoch