Explore the Metaphysical World

Be a reader, become a writer


Short stories, published or just here. I’ll share my writings both fiction and non-fiction, tips and suggestions, how I do things. It’s all here. Delve in, be entertained, discover yourself, learn how to do it yourself.

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You all know the physical world we live in, but what is metaphysics and how does that define the world we know? It’s definition and how we experience it.

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Life’s Journey

The journey through life, whether that be life’s experience, a physical journey, relationships, meeting others. This is where the rubber meets the road, the real life as it happens.

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My Books

My novels follow a metaphysical theme. Basically that means the characters go through some kind of awakening, transformation, realization that life is more than the physical. They may have visions, memories from past lives, meet their higher self, engage the mind to overcome physical limitations, display super powers, or simply fall in love. The stories are both entertaining, usually a little humour mixed in, and also educational. You can find them all on my publishing website, Dream Meadow Press.

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The Keys

The keys to success, the keys to becoming a writer, the keys to a more productive life, the keys to a wholesome relationship, the keys to being a better you.

Whatever it is, I will share from my own experience here. This is the learning section. I share what I know. I share what works for me. Whether it be a course or an opportunity, a lecture or an inspirational story, the focus here is on personal growth. Join me as I explore the Keys of life.


A Better Way

We are all on a path through life leading to a destination. That path takes us sometimes through sticky or dangerous situations. At the end of it there is always a light.

My wish for you is that through these pages you may find a better way, a stronger you, an be inspired to live a more purposeful life.


Start A New Path

And if your path has brought you to the crossroads, that point of decision and change of direction, if these pages give just a little direction, a small pointer to wards a better way, then I am satisfied.

If you would like to share your story with me please use the contact form. Sharing is a great way to gain clarity and find new direction.