Another Dreamland Adventure – The Broken Unicorn

It is finally here, The Broken Unicorn, another Dreamland adventure with Eric. Enya and few new friends. New troubles, new challenges have Eric and Enya puzzle over the reasons and finding the solutions.

Together they meet new animals in Dreamland, learn new wisdom and face a new vicious enemy. But all is not as it seems.

One of the lessons they learn is that the real world can affect their alternative dream world and vice versa. They discover that others can stumble into their Dreamland with the right kind of emotional energy, be it good or bad.

With The Broken Unicorn it has been my intention to challenge the way we see the world and to consider the possibility of an alternative reality, one in which we also exist but in a higher dimension. This is what I understand to be the realm of the super-consciousness, the domain where our higher selves reside, a reality we are largely ignorant of in this physical reality.

As a grandparent it is important to me to raise our children with this knowledge. Indeed some of them may be able to enlighten us adults as to the reality of such dimensions.

If this is important to you then please share this page and talk about The Broken Unicorn. And of course get your copy. Available now in all bookstores, online or street store. Simply ask them to order it.

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