Here is another Dragon Sleep meditation based on those you will read about in my metaphysical fantasy series: Dragons and Visions. These are intended to be fun so have fun with it. However don’t be surprised if your imagined dragon speaks with you or you get inspired with a great idea. All meditation exercises are beneficial, even fun ones like this.

This time your are going to ask your inner dragon to help you with your dreams.

Dream with your Dragon

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.

Sit with a straight back. Don’t slouch or the dragon may mistake you for a snake. (Remember, dragons and serpents don’t get along.)

Inhale deeply and slowly.

Exhale all the way.

Repeat two more times.

Imagine you are in an empty space, No objects, no light, no sound.

Take three more deep breaths.

Imagine the empty space becoming brighter, dim at first and gradually increasing in brightness until it is like  daylight.

You still see nothing other than this bright empty space.

Take three more deep breaths.
Now picture a giant red eye appearing in front of you.

Relax. Take a deep breath and relax.

The giant red eye grows into a head of a dragon.

What colour is the dragon?

See it grow into a full sized dragon. Now you can see its back and tail, its wings and feet. As it sits watching you it exhales smoke from its nose. It raises one eyebrow and asks you, “What is your name?”

Tell the dragon your name.

Ask the dragon its name.

Now tell the dragon about your dream. Keep in mind that words like “not”, “never”and “nothing” make dragons cough, and you know what happens when dragons cough.

Tell your dream in positive terms as if it has already happened and you already have what you want.

As you describe the details of your dream notice how this makes the dragon smile. Tell it more and it will laugh with you over your success.

Now ask the dragon what you need to stop doing which is hindering your dream from becoming reality. Take note of the first thing which enters your mind.

Next ask the dragon what is the next best thing you can do to make your dream come closer. Again take note of the first thought which enters your mind.

Remember, dragons love treasure so they are happy to answer any questions about treasure, gold and money.

If you want tell the dragon what you are afraid of today. This dragon is your friend and it will protect you. Fire breathing dragonWatch it stand up and blow smoke off to the side and watch as the smoke takes the form of the thing you are afraid of. Now the dragon takes a deep breath and blows out a powerful blast of fire and annihilates the image of fear.

The dragon sits down again with a big smile. “Now your fear is gone,” it says.

Thank the dragon.

Gradually dim the light of the dragon space. Make it darker and darker and say good-bye to the dragon.

As the space becomes dark take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Then speak these words:

One, two, three, let it be.

And wake up back in your quiet space where you started.

Remember to write down the thoughts which you received and act on them.

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