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I am very proud to release my new novel “Found Again.” It is now available on Amazon and soon in many other stores. Look out for it and let me know where you find it.

Although romance has found its way into my other novels, none have approached it so closely as this one. Hilda’s journey toward her new/old love is one of exciting adventure, danger, doubt and surprise.

As you follow her from the dream which sets her on her path of change to an archaeological dig in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, to Paris, London and Morocco, you find yourself taken back in time viewing past lives through her eyes and feeling through her heart.

“Found Again” challenges its readers to see the world differently to their perhaps pre-conceived perceptions. Have we lived before? Is there such a thing as karma? Are we trapped in circumstances? Can we ever break out and change?

Hilda faces these questions and seeks their answers in “Found Again.” I’d love to hear what you think as you read of her adventures. Be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster where you will laugh and cry and maybe even get mad along with Hilda.

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