What do a pillar, a dream and an ancient battle have in common?


Forthill Gate

This is Forthill in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, and it sets the scene for the opening of my new novel. Under the Cole Monument, that white tower with the statue of a man on top, is a suspected ancient throne of an eternal queen. Eternal because she was crowned after she died in a battle. This battle happened a long time ago, in a history long forgotten in a time before our history began.

Hilda is a social worker in Belfast. She works saving children from abuse in order to make sense of her own abusive past. Then she has a dream. The dream is so vivid and strange. At the same time an abusive father gets let off the hook and his children are returned to the family home. This and the dream drives Hilda to find out why. A friend suggests hypnotherapy.

Under hypnosis she discovers a past life which reveals some things she isn’t prepared for. Could this really be her in a previous life? As she struggles with comprehending this unbelievable possibility things begin to happen by chance which leads her to an archaeological dig at Forthill where the chief archaeologist hopes to find the throne of a queen who resembles the queen of Hilda’s dream.

Has she had a dream of true events which actually happened? Why is she drawn so much to the archaeologist when she has sworn never again to go into a relationship? Could her past lives have anything to do with her abusive past? More questions seem to arise than are answered as Hilda explores the ancient past and her own past to find any links. Then, just as things are getting more mysterious, her past confronts her in a dangerous situation.

Will Hilda find resolve for her own life? Will she finally find the key to release her from always falling into the same abusive patterns? This is just a taste of the new story I am working on. It is mysterious, it is dark, it is romance and it is metaphysical and visionary. As such it seeks to shed light on why we get stuck and how we can break away from destructive patterns of life. Stay tuned for more.

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