Dragon bones found near human corpse


It is reported that a man has discovered the remains of what may be the body of an official from the Roman Empire. Close to this corpse, the report says further, are the bones of some large creature.
DragonThe find, according to the report, the source of which we are still trying to verify, was made in a previously unknown cave on top of a Mountain in central Switzerland. The man is named as Patrick Ferguson, a financial advisor in Zurich, who was going on a hunch based on an old myth surrounding the mountain, known locally as Mount Pilatus. It is Mr. Ferguson’s opinion that the corpse must be that of Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Jerusalem who ordered the crucifixion of Christ. This, according to the legend, is how the mountain got its name.
A second legend involving the same mountain includes many stories of dragons. Dragons have, so the legend, been seen, hunted and killed on the mountain. Ferguson claims that the bones are that of a dragon.
We spoke to guides from the area and they could not confirm the existence of any such cave. Ferguson himself could not be contacted prior to publication of this news item. We will keep you up to date on this developing story.


Update: An associate of Mr. Ferguson has contacted us and directed us to a fuller report of these amazing discoveries. Read it for yourself: Pursuit

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