It is amazing how often we humans give away our personal power to others. We are powerful individual beings and we possess abilities to change the future. So why do many insist in allowing others to make their decisions for them.


Habit is the most subtle in power stealing. We go on and on through our days in habitual repetition getting nowhere and we make decisions based on habit. You will eat that cereal because you have always eaten it. You will buy that product because your mother and grandmother always bought it. You go to certain places of entertainment because that’s where everyone else goes. You respond in certain ways to situations because that’s the way everyone else responds and it’s how you are programmed to respond through TV and other media.

Peer Pressure

Following what others do is a self-esteem destroyer. You do things and go places, not because you want to, but because you feel obliged. You fear what others might say if you don’t. You trot along like a little sheep afraid to question why you do what you do. Oh it is written, they will say, it is God’s will, they will tell you, it is the right thing to do, they argue. And you listen and follow along and become more and more unhappy.


You could basically place everything I’ve written so far into this paragraph. Many people give their power away to religion. Religion is used to manipulate their thinking that they fear the consequences of not obeying. What a great way to get people to do things which they don’t want to do. Make them believe in a higher being who naturally has their well-being in mind, but who will obliterate them from the face of the Earth if they dare not believe or do other than what is commanded. Religion destroys our ability to think for ourselves and to look on truths which contradict the religious mindset. It takes away our freedom and God forbid you have any self-esteem.

“Found Again”

Hilda, the main character in the first-person novel, “Found Again“, which I will be publishing later this month (Feb. 2017), struggled with a lack of self-esteem and self-determination. She suffered a life of abuse at the hands of her brothers, uncles, boyfriends and husbands. She constantly wanted the other person to give her the happiness she wanted. She even tried religion and that only made things worse.

Eventually, after a series of dreams and memories from past lives, Hilda began to take her life into her own hands. She understood her personal power and stopped looking for happiness outside of herself.

Read more about “Found Againhere.

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