No More Excuses for 21st Century

What excuses do you make for hating someone? What motivates you to seek revenge or want to harm another? What is behind you talking down on certain nations and foreigners? Granted, you may look at the deeds of some but then you put the whole lot in the same pot.

Consider the following. What would you be like if none of these defined who you are?



Religion has been a major contributor to wars and much prejudice. Sadly it still is. This century has seen an escalation in hatred based on religion. When people hold placards, disrupt other’s lives, and condemn others to hell based on religious beliefs then religion is not serving humanity. If we don’t wake up then the 21st century will see spreading religious wars around the globe.


Race almost goes hand in hand with religion, but not always. Religious bias can have two sides of the same race at each others’ throats. Racial bias is always due to one race seeing themselves as superior to another. Is it possible in this century to see beyond the racial origins and embrace all as world citizens?


How often do you find yourself reasoning over a situation and coming to a reasoned conclusion that a certain person or group of people should be judged and punished? I am not condoning crime or evil doing. But too much reasoning is being applied to condemn people who have done no wrong. Look at the supposed vigilantes condemning others, because they reason that their behaviour says something about them which they don’t like. Usually such “protectors” are later revealed as that which they themselves condemned.



Where you grew up and live as opposed to “them”. They across the street, across town, from the next village, down the valley, across the river. Why is it we are often programmed to hate and dislike others who are different than ourselves? What does it matter where a person comes from?


“Oh that’s just the way I was brought up.” “I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am.” Too often we justify our bad behaviour or prejudices by the way we were raised. And often that is the truth. But it doesn’t have to be your present reality. Making your parents or family as an excuse for your behaviour or reactions is simply lame.


Much of the above will inevitably lead you on a path of revenge. You simply must get back at them for what they have done or just for who they are or where they come from, or even because for what you think they are.

Can you let these go?

Can you release the above excuses for not liking others? If you were to wake up one day and had forgotten all of the above, your religious and racial background, your origin and prejudices, how do you think you would approach a stranger, even one who is radically different than you are?

OK, imagine that is the case. If none of the above matters then how would you answer this question:

Who are you? What are you? Why are you here?



I write metaphysical/visionary fiction novels. My characters may face some of these conflicts and may find themselves in a situation where they must decide if their past really defines who they are. I invite you join them in their adventures.

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