An iPhone and Positive Thinking


Currently vacationing in Jakarta, Indonesia, I had a positive experience yesterday after leaving my iPhone behind in a Bluebird Taxi.

What are the chances of finding your phone when left in a taxi? Yesterday my wife and I travelled in a Bluebird taxi to the popular Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall. In the process of switching cables from a booster-battery between phones and paying the driver I got out of the taxi, leaving my phone on the back seat. Three girls wearing Hijab headdress immediately got into the taxi which drove off. Inside the mall is a security scanner. When I went through I searched for my phone only to realise I had left it in the taxi.

I am generally a positive person, and wasn’t ready to accept the loss of my mobile device. The first thing I did was to go outside and find a Bluebird coordinator, a young man with a walkie-talkie. He led me back inside to the Mall’s Concierge service and between them they took the details of the phone, the pickup location and radioed to HQ to locate the driver. The Concierge, a young man who was very positive, assured me that they would find my phone. With nothing else to do but wait we went off to shop.

Then I had the idea of using my wife’s phone to find where my phone was. So I went back to the concierge to show him then I thought I would try to call my phone. The first call wasn’t picked up, but the second call was answered. The kind concierge took the phone and spoke to whoever was there. After some minutes of conversation he told me that a taxi was bringing my phone back to the Mall.

Less than forty minutes later as I went back to check at the concierge’s desk I was told that my phone had been returned. They radioed the Taxi-coordinator who promptly brought me my found phone. What a pleasant experience and an example of positivity. And such an example of normal human honesty.

Did I fear that the Muslim girls who got into the taxi would steal my phone? The thought did occur, but I also thought that these are religious girls, they won’t steal, and they didn’t.

Did I panic? No. That would not have brought any positive results. I left it in the hands of the good people at the Mall and Bluebird Taxi’s and trusted in the process of bringing my phone back to me.

I love examples of human behaviour where people display their natural positive relations with others, where neither religion nor culture get in the way of human love and compassion.

What would you have done? Have you had a similar experience you would like to share?

Thanks again to the Concierge staff at the Grand Indonesia and Bluebird Taxis.

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