Well I wasn’t exactly lost, just a little disorientated. And it wasn’t exactly the Alps, but close. This is a story of being human.

It all began when I went across the street from where I live in Chur, Switzerland, to the Post Bus station. I was wanting to get a bus to Trin to get my haircut. Sure there were closer hairdressers, but this one was special.

Cavels is run by Carmen, who is the sister on my son Dan’s girlfriend, Nina. Her hair studio was designed and fitted out with the interior design expertise of Dan and Nina. They have a lifestyle shop in Valbella called Vinval. And if you like those websites they were designed by my son Dave at Firn Studio.

This was my first time going to Cavels and to Trin. I have been driven to it and past it but this was the first time I went by myself. Two buses were waiting. One said Trin, the other said Non-stop to Trin-Mulin. So I thought I’d take the quicker bus.

Being the modern traveller I am, I was checking emails on my iphone when I became aware of a tunnel. I knew there was a tunnel and my memory was prodding me that this tunnel actually bypassed Trin. Confused I stayed on when the bus passed the designated Trin-Mulin. OK, I thought, Trin must be next.

No, it wasn’t. Next came Flims. I knew I had gone too far which was confirmed by a quick exchange with the driver who said I could get the next bus back to Trin.

So out I got, watching a bulldozer shovel the last fall of snow into a lorry. The next bus came and in I got. My appointment was in 30 minutes. I’ll make it, I thought, as it only takes a few minutes. Maybe it was the automated announcement in the bus or the internal sign, but something told me that this bus was going through the tunnel. I asked the driver who confirmed. He stopped at Trin-Mulin to let me off.

Now you would think that a place named Trin-Mulin would have some proximity to Trin. Well perhaps if you had a car, but not on foot. With no village in sight I began to walk along the road. It would take twenty minutes at least and time was running short.

Two cars passed by and ignored my thumb. A third, a Range Rover, stopped mid-street, forcing the car behind to stop. The window went down and I asked are you going to Trin. Yes of course she was, that was the only direction and it was only 3 minutes drive away. This was enough time to say that I had an appointment at the hairdresser and, of course she knew exactly where to drop me off. She was a friend and customer of Carmen’s.

So being human can have its challenges, but being human can be uplifting, especially when another human lends a helping hand. Being human is interacting and being friendly with other humans. I was helped. I got to Cavels on time and got my short hair cut shorter. Thank you Carmen. And thank you to the lady who got me there on time.

If you find yourself in Trin call in to Cavels and get your hair done and mention this funny story.

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