Is there really good and evil?

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Today I saw a post by someone stating that if you believe in things spiritual then you must also believe in good versus evil. She was claiming that Satan was out to get her. Let me be quite frank here, I don’t believe in a personal evil entity as portrayed by our religions.

People often feel that their lives are under attack. They have days where everything goes wrong. They may be living a life where everywhere they go there is disaster and every relationship they enter ends in a catastrophic breakup.

Many will come out of these situations and thank God for His goodness, but they weren’t so grateful while they were in the darkness. They claim that God is watching over them and taking care of them.

But when things go bad they blame the devil, Satan, that old evil one which their religion has told them is out to get them and make their lives a living hell.

But wait a minute. Is the devil only selective in who he torments? Or is he too busy to bother with those living good lives? Take a step back and look at what is going on. What is the one single common denominator in your life of chaos? If you are facing trials and disasters what one thing is your common companion? God? Satan? Or yourself?

Now, setting aside the conflict situations of our planet, caused not by devils but by men of greed, look at your individual life. Compare how you think and speak about the events in your life. Do you know someone who always seems to have things working out for them? Have a look at how they speak and act. See any correlations?

Many look on the world through such a negative filter that it is a wonder anything goes right for them. The three monkeys are not just a funny ornament. They remind us that what goes in is what comes out.

If you constantly fill your mind with war and murder through what you watch, listen to and constantly speak and think about bad things, then expect such things to meet you in your life’s journey.

Evil is the lack of good. Evil intentions will bring evil towards you. Doing good is more than a holy religious act, it is an essential ingredient for a healthy and good life.

Don’t get caught in the downward spiral of blaming others, even the devil, for all the bad that happens. Take responsibility and change how you view life, speak and think wholesome things. If you do your health and life will improve accordingly.

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