Last October I visited a site which I only knew existed a few years ago, yet I had travelled within a few miles of it several times. Newgrange is said to be an 5200 year old passage tomb. But I don’t buy that description. To say that dozens of such sites all over Ireland and the Earth were constructed to bury somebody just doesn’t make sense to me.

The original name of Newgrange is Brú na Bóinne which means House of the Moon, Womb of the Moon or Womb/House of the Bright Cow. Some claim that the interior, the actual passage, with its three chambers at the end resembles the female reproductive organs. That may or may not be. My big question is WHY? If this is so then what is this supposed to be:

Either these ancient peoples were obsessed with the reproductive organs or we are. I somehow feel that we have got the story of Newgrange, the Pyramids and other ancient sites completely wrong. Oh, our king has died, let’s build a huge mound with a passage tomb to honour him. No wait, by the time we are finished his body will have decayed. Let’s bury him in the ground instead, or better still, we’ll burn it. Or the king himself ordered the tomb’s construction in anticipation of his death with the aim that his people will honour him when he is dead. That doesn’t sound so clever either. Rather have a big statue or monument with your name written all over it before you die rather than trust your hopefully faithful followers to place your remains in the tomb you had built, that excruciatingly difficult to build tomb.

No, I just can’t buy that, and that this all happened more than five thousand years ago. Something is wrong with that story. Did Ireland have so many important people who their loyal subjects couldn’t wait to honour by building yet another passage tomb? A big clue as to what these mysterious mounds are and why they were built are surely to be found in the numerous carvings in the stonework. Take a look at the famous Entrance Stone to Newgrange:

The famous tri-spiral symbol seen here is also found all over the planet. No one can give a definite meaning. All over the place, inside and out, here at Newgrange as well as at the nearby Mound of Knowth (there’s a third which I didn’t get to see called Dowth) you can see these drawings, spirals, squiggles, circles and concentric circles like on this stone at Knowth:

Does that remind you of our Solar System? Could the spirals be telling the story of a turmoil in our skies when the planets did things mainstream astrology would say was impossible (hint: Saturn was once a sun and the Earth orbited it)? Or perhaps the spirals tell of the floods and swirling waters at the end of the last ice-age when there is evidence (and many ancient stories) of a sudden and devastating flood which wiped much of civilization away?

There is a suggestion (see Ireland, Land of the Pharaohs by Andrew Power – unfortunately out of print) that Newgrange may have been originally designed as a type of Ark to help people survive the flood. The same is said about the more recent discovery in Turkey, Göbekli Tepe, which appears to have been an underground complex which was later completely buried with sand. And there are numerous other such ancient underground complexes which no one today knows who built them or what they were for. To support this theory for Newgrange the tour guides very confidently point out that the roof of the inner chamber is completely waterproof. That is no rain can get inside, the stones are so accurately placed together using no mortar. Of course this would be no good if there was a flood, but Power suggests that the descendents of the original builders returned thousands of years later, that is in about 3200 BC, and rebuilt the object to what it was when it was discovered in the 1960s. (What we see today is an unfortunate reconstruction according to the imagination of the leading archeologist. The inner passage, chambers and roof are nonetheless as they were found.)

This suggests that the original builders of what may have been an underground complex or Ark must have built it sometime a few thousand years before 3200 AD. It is known that the Earth was devastated, probably by the remnants of a comet hitting an area in North America some twelve thousand years ago, sending debris and fire into the sky and melting the ice wall in the Arctic, sending an ocean of water to flood the then known Earth. Water levels rose 400 feet and we have under our seas around the coastlines all over the world remains of mysterious underwater cities. Some are known only in legend but all are denied existence by mainstream archaeologists and historians.

Another question arises, the answer to which also challenges the history we have been taught. The people who built Newgrange were no primitive stone-age dumbos. They were an organized, civilized, intelligent and very knowledgable civilization. Not only is the door positioned exactly so that the sun shines into the chamber, right to the back, only once a year at the Winter Solstice, but the positions of the mounds around and including Newgrange all match certain star constellations, and the River Boyne where they are situated shows a close resemblance to the shape of the Milky Way, just like the River Nile. (Did the ancient builders shape the rivers?)

My conclusions include a forgotten lost civilization (Lemuria and Atlantis), lost technology due to the comet and flood, fore-knowledge of the event and evidence that groups set out to build Arks, subterranean safety areas, to not only hide themselves and preserve the Human Race, but to save and archive ancient knowledge and technology to be revealed at the right time.

All very mysterious and new things are being found all the time, even around Newgrange. The drought of the Summer of 2018 revealed via air-photography the existence of dozens of structures under the earth, revealing that the Newgrange area was a very complex and busy place. Some of this is too mysterious not to be used in a novel, and that is what I am doing. Dragons and Visions volume 4 is my current project (while my first children’s book is being edited and finished). It will follow the now young adult Suzy, Pat Ferguson’s daughter, as she follows a riddle’s clues to Ireland to discover its meaning. Of course as riddles go, the meaning is not what she was expecting.

Catch up on Pat Ferguson’s adventures in volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the Dragons and Visions series.

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