Have you ever had that feeling that you have been here before? You have one of those so called déjà vu sensations, a feeling that something about the current situation is familiar. Usually it is only a moment then it is gone, but it leaves you with a curious feeling – this isn’t the first time you have experienced the situation.

In the new book which I am currently writing reincarnation plays an important role in the story. A dream starts Hilda on a quest to grasp the abuse she has suffered since she was a child. A hypnotherapist session reveals, instead of explaining the dream, her life as a French man in 18th century Paris. Her life takes a turn as chance meetings, her own past and her pasts lives bring first turmoil before they begin to make sense. Hilda finds herself on a road of discovery of who she really is and that her past does not define her.

The dream is an actual dream which I had and gave it to the character Hilda as the catalyst for her life altering journey. I had another dream which I also lent to Hilda, only that one has no major significance except that it lends itself to interpretation. What are dreams? Have you ever wondered that? In our sleep we see strange scenes which often make no sense and are so mixed up they have no place in our reality. At other times we dream of events as characters in another time and place, clear and sequential with a story line, yet not belonging to our present life experience at all.

Most ancient teachings refer to humans as having many lives. Religions teach it. Even the Bible relates to people coming again in another life, yet in spite of this theology denies reincarnation.

When you talk about reincarnation you must also talk about karma. A modern term for karma is the Law of Attraction although some will teach that the Law of Attraction relates only to this life. It is the law which determines what you experience. You can attract good or bad depending on how you feel, think and act. Well Karma is kind of an extension of that only continuing into other lives.

reincarnation-awakeningThis, in my mind, means that we have an existence outside of ourselves, beyond our physical bodies. We have a higher part, a spirit, which exists independent of the body we now occupy. This then leads to the idea of pre-incarnation or predestination, the idea that certain circumstances are planned or arranged beforehand. Some say we even choose our parents and our name.

The most important outcome of living over and over again is to grow in experience and to learn love and positivity. This is the most important lesson in life no matter what you believe.

What are your thoughts? Would you read my new book? Share your thoughts below and keep it friendly.

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