When I first considered the idea of writing this story, the main elements of it popped into my head. They came as it were out of the blue. Actually the ideas came as an answer to a request. The request was “OK, if I’m to write a novel then give me the ideas. Give me a story.” Soon after I got the idea of a mysterious book and three characters in three different time periods.

So who did I address the question to and who was it that answered? This could be debatable. I was talking to my higher self, my inner being, or perhaps I was talking to the Divine. I don’t know. The question was asked without much thought as to who would answer. Yet the answer came, and the story was started.

It was fun watching the story develop. I never knew what was going to happen next. I knew all would eventually come together but I didn’t know how until it happened, or until it was written. I made a few changes and adaptations from the originally penning of the ideas. For example the little girl was initially a little boy, and Einaar the young warrior received a female companion. So a balance was given to the story from the beginning with a woman having a pivotal role.

The characters also developed as the need arose. Background was added to enrich the experience of getting to know a character and to explain some traits emerging in the “present” time. I was getting introduced to the characters as I wrote. It was the same with events and their significance. Things happened, people were encountered and decisions made as the story moved forward. None of it was planned ahead of time. It was almost as if I was the reporter writing down what someone else was telling me. Was that someone else a Divine being, or my higher self? That you will have to contemplate for yourself.

As for “Pursuit”, it grew and presents a mystery intertwined with actual myth and legend. Are the legends true? Well read “Pursuit” and find out.

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