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We meet Einarr as a sixteen year old son of an Irish astrologer and adviser to kings. He then takes us via his writings, which he learned from his father, on his pursuit of a treasure. As it turns out (Spoiler alert!) the treasure he seeks is not one of gold or silver but of a more subtle nature.

It is Einarr who introduces us, and thus those who read his book, to The Inside, that mysterious sub-conscious place inside the mind. This is where dragons are encountered and other such things. In Pursuit Einarr writes of his journey into Europa where he accompanies a corpse to a secret place.

In Dragon Song we follow Einarr as far East as China, where he meets with monks and discovers some unusual things. And it is here where a certain object he carries is left in the care and protection of secretive hands.

We learn a lot from Einarr. Our story begins with his experience and discoveries, even if we do first read of other characters it is Einarr which motivates future action.

If you’ve read Pursuit or Dragon Song what do you think of Einarr?

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