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The first in a series where you, the reader, get to meet one of the characters out of the Dreams and Visions series, which include so far Pursuit and Dragon Song.

The first character we meet in book1 , Pursuit, is Patrick Ferguson, known to most as Pat, although his aunt Gaby calls him Patrick.

Pat is thirty years old, married and in Pursuit his wife, Jenny, expects their first child. Pat works in Zurich, Switzerland in an asset management company started by himself and a friend he met while working in London. His wife, Jenny, is Swiss, hence he lives a short train commute from Zurich in a mountain town called Zug.

Zug has a lake which gives a view to the Alps, the two most dominant mountains being Rigi, with its foot in Lake Zug, and Pilatus, at the edge of Lake Luzern with the city of Luzern at its foot. The mountain Pilatus features a dominant role in Pursuit. Indeed the first chapter opens with Pat sweating his way up the mountain to solve a few riddles which are driving him crazy.

In Pursuit Pat is faced with financial ruin, treachery, a sick, pregnant wife, and an irritating, yet loving, aunt who insists he reads this old book which she found as a child at the local market. He learns to meditate and experiences the realm of the Inside, the sub-conscious realm of human existence. Here he also make contact with dragons who have their existence at a higher vibrational plain than humans.

He reads of similar things in his aunty’s old book, but he can’t get his logical mind around these mystical things. Then he is given a ring which apparently has magical powers and help him get quicker and deeper into the Inside.

Pat is the main character in Pursuit where we follow his pursuit of truth and reality while at the same time juggling his findings with his perceived reality.


Have you read Pursuit? Do you have any impressions about Pat or something you want to know about him? Share your comments and questions below.

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