The Reptilian Brain and Reptile Ancestors


Did you know that a part of your brain is reptilian? Scientists tell us that there is a part of the brain which originated from our reptilian past. What they mean is that way back some of our ancestors were reptiles, or lizards, or serpents.

That’s an interesting fact, if it is a fact. It is interesting because there are a set of other researchers, not scientists, who make similar claims as to our ancestry. They say that somewhere back in our forgotten, ancient history that we were created or manipulated by a reptilian race. Whether these reptiles came from Earth or from Outer Space is disputed among the researchers, but that doesn’t really matter.

One of the reasons for seeing the inner part of out brain as reptilian is because of what that part of our brain is responsible for.  This is the part of our brain which controls our survival instincts, the fight or flight response when faced with fear.  Whereas the middle, Limbic section of the brain is where our feelings and emotions are created, and the outer Neocortex is where our consciousness resides, this is the part that enables us to say words like, “I think, therefore I am.”

In my novel series, Dragons and Visions, I tell the story of a past interference by the Serpent nation on Humankind. This interfering interbreeding (this can also be deducted for the Bible for those Bible scholars among you) produced an emotionally unstable and violent Human Race, inclined to the rather more reptile qualities of their ancestors.

So the ideas in my novels are not so far fetched. Readers can research them and find them to be at least held by many respectable teachers and researchers.

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