When a writer sits down and writes, what is actually happening? How much does the writer actually know in advance what they are going to write?  A week ago I attended my first ever writer’s conference, the Geneva Writer’s Conference, organized by the Geneva Writer’s Group. Not only because I visited a workshop on Zen and Writing, but also through talking with other authors, I came to the conclusion that I am not alone in my experience. Many writers receive the inspiration while they are writing.

Some call it inspiration, others say it’s like downloading the information. Many fiction authors speak of getting the ideas to further their story as they write. This is also my experience.  Yes some will have a plan and an outline, others a vague story line. But putting those few ideas into a fully fledged novel is nothing less than miraculous. Characters take on a life of their own, scenes comes alive, imaginary places become real, and stories take hold of their readers with deep emotion.

So where do these ideas come from? Out of thin air? Are they simply a culmination of thoughts and memories? Or could they be coming in from an outward source? Could our stories be given to us by a higher being, or our higher selves. What do you think? Have you ever wondered where the writer got that story? Or are you a writer who has experienced this influx of words and story? Share what you think below.

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