Who are the White Dragon Family?


In my Novel “Pursuit” a brief passing mention is made of the White Dragon Family in a news item. In the sequel, “Dragon Song”, the White Dragon Family makes an appearance and we meet one of their representatives. But who are the White Dragon Family exactly in real life?

In the book they are the keepers on a third artefact emerging in the story and protectors of the Dragons. They oppose or defend against another group introduced in “Dragon Song”, the Serpent People, recognised by their  tall, thin appearance, narrow eyes and fierce personalities. They claim to have the world under their control and are about to extend that control by driving the world into turmoil and war. They fear the appearance of Pat’s ring and Gaby’s pendent and shocked at seeing evidence of dragon activity. The dragons and the Serpent People are long time arch enemies. It was the Serpents who contrived against the dragons instigating a human dragon hunt. This caused many dragons to be killed and eventually the surviving dragons went underground, not only hiding in the depths of the earth but also using their powers to raise their vibration to be invisible to the physical realm.

How much is the story based on truth? Well David Wilcock mentions them in several of his articles, mostly in reference to missing gold bullion owed them by the Cabal. The Cabal is another reference to a group known as the Illuminati, who some believe to be descendants of a serpent race of people. Of the White Dragons he states: “The White Dragon Society… has begun a systematic campaign on multiple levels to overthrow the cabal. There will not be much to see at first but just wait.” David refers to a man named Fulford and of course, Benjamin Fulford’s website is full of references to both of these groups. Although there is plenty of speculation as to the identity of the Serpent Cabal and their influence in the world, in particular their control if the Federal Reserve, little is known about the White Dragon Family or Society. What is known is they consist of wealthy Far Eastern families from China, Japan, the Philippines  and Thailand.

The events happening in the background to the story in “Pursuit” are based on these disputed facts. They are not the main focus of the novel but lend some background and explain the groups who are interested for various reasons in the power of the ring and pendent.

Are these stories true relating to the Cabal and The White Dragon Family? The readers of “Pursuit” and “Dragon Song” will have to make up their own minds. What do you think? The first three chapters of “Dragon Song” can be read here.

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