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You are travelling in a train, a plane or even on a ship. Across from you is someone tapping away on their laptop computer. What are they doing? What do they need to write so urgently it can’t wait till they are in the office? Have you ever wondered what people are writing?

If you happen to see me on the train from Chur to Zurich or back you will very likely see me with my golden MacBook computer typing furiously away. What am I writing, you might ask. Well right now I am writing this blog on the train. But usually when I am typing I am adding to my next novel.

Swiss TrainI have often wondered when another passenger sits beside me if they eavesdrop on my writing. What do they think if they see lines which read: “You will do what I say, sister dear. Ten thousand quid or we start bringing customers.” Or what about, “You want your stick, do you? Here, then, have it, you baby killer.” What plays in the minds of my uninvited readers?

When I am writing, even on a crowded train, my mind takes me on a journey and I don’t know where it will take me. I can become oblivious to my surroundings as I focus on what transpires in the words on my screen. Occasionally I may take a think break and look around me. A woman sitting opposite has a yellow cord leading up to earphones. What is she listening to? Music or a talk? The conductor passes by checking our tickets. A man sleeps in the opposite compartment. Another lady thumbs on her mobile phone. Outside green fields, trees and misty mountains pass by.

Sometimes I get a spark of inspiration or I take note of an interesting character. You never know when you might end up in a writer’s work!

Writing has become my passion. I love it when a story reveals itself to me. It is as if a channel has opened up in my head and some super-computer is downloading the story into my mind. Usually I don’t know exactly what will transpire, but when I begin writing the story continues to unfold. I may have ideas and write these down in my notes, but not every idea is used in the story. Like I said, the story often tells itself.

Next time you see someone profusely writing away be on your best behaviour. That may be an author looking for some interesting characters for his novel.

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