Reincarnation and Abuse


My next book is poised to cause a storm. It follows the awakening experiences of a woman who has suffered a life of abuse, both physical and sexual.

Everywhere I look and everywhere I go I meet abused women. Statistics estimate that a third of women worldwide suffer abuse, mostly from people they know like their husbands or partners. These are only estimate figures because many women never talk about it.

Many women get help and are prompted by friends to leave, others are too afraid to leave. Many women who do get out find themselves repeating the whole process with another man, and another. They think it will never happen again and it does, only it is worse than before.

Sometimes those women, in a repeating pattern of abuse, wake up and realise that they are responsible and they are the only ones who can break the pattern. Hilda, the main protagonist in my next novel, is one such woman.

Abused by a drunken father, later by her brothers, Hilda runs away only to repeatedly find herself falling in love with who would later become her next abuser. A dream leads her to a hypnotherapist where she slowly comes to understand that her abuse is a vibration which she has carried over from previous lives.

The turning point, that moment when a woman realises that she is doing this to herself and that she can break the cycle, is different for every woman. Will you share your turning point? What was your prime motivation to turn your life around? What qualities do you now enjoy in the man in your new life? Do you feel that your cycle of abuse may have originated from a past life?

Share your thoughts here or send a private message.

Hilda’s story may be fiction but I feel it represents a major number of women today and throughout history. It will be dedicated to women everywhere who have taken a stand for their own self-esteem and worthy being.

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